Fun New Series Ahead

    When I started my first college course in human anatomy and physiology, I was immediately fascinated with the subject. But I remember wondering why I didn't learn more about it in middle and high school science.
   I later had the opportunity to work at a middle school in Idaho as a substitute teacher for a general A and P class. I was happy to see it offered in their curriculum and I enjoyed assisting the science teacher immensely.
   So the minute I saw Bill Kirk's book and the wonderful illustrations by Eugene Rubble, I decided the upcoming series would be an excellent tool for teachers, school libraries and home school programs. "The Sum of Our Parts: No Bones About It..." is the first book in a series of nine anatomical picture books written in rhyme about various body parts and systems for readers age 8-13. The next book in that series, "Circulation Celebration" is about the circulatory system and is due out probably in December or January. I'm looking forward to buying the series as each book is published.

Bill says that although his other two books are both fiction, they are also loaded with "non-fiction" factoids about spiders ("There's A Spider In My Sink!") and ants ("My Grandma's Kitchen Rules!").

You can read more about Bill and his books at  or  His books can be ordered from Gaurdian Angel Publishing:

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free
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