"I Wonder Why..."

Children's poetry touches the heart.
It's special in it's simplicity and cuts right to the chase.
When kids write, there are no hidden messages or agendas.
They just say what they mean and
do it with the grace and innocence known only to children.
When I read the poem "I Wonder Why..." by Izeyah Yenter,
I was struck by the fact that some children are given
  lives that teach them wisdom beyond their years.
When we listen closely, we learn also.
Izeyah was a camper at Camp Magical Moments.
You can read his poem on their website at http://www.campmagicalmoments.org/
It's a very special camp, set in a beautiful place.
And the campers there
are kids that could be yours or mine.


Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free
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