Have a great Labor Day week-end!

Wow! I just clicked on one of those "side-bars" on my Facebook profile page. One that highlights a post from one year ago today? I can hardly believe it. It was something I wrote from the Ronald McDonald House while Dusty was in critical care. Now here we are at home (still!) and he's off the Hospice program.

Dusty with Daisy Mae and Pappas last Christmas
 Although fragile, he's stable and beginning to enjoy life again. Who woulda thunk it? We really don't get the final say, do we? I guess Dusty will pack his spiritual bags and go home the same as the rest of us will...when God decides the time and circumstances. Meanwhile, I'm grateful for all your good thoughts and prayers! Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day!

An older Christmas photo with Mom and that's Auntie Ruth behind the antlers :-))

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free
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