In Old English the word "fiaell" (fyll) meant to "fall from a height."
But it wasn't used to describe the season of Fall.
About 500 years ago, when Middle English was spoken,
 the Norse word "fall" which also meant to fall from a hieght,
was borrowed into English. But the word "fall" only came to refer to the season "Fall" in the 1500s. Before then, the season was called the Germanic word "Harvest".

The word "Autumn" or in Middle English, "autompne" was taken from the Latin "autumnus." But it's use for the fall season seems to be of unkown origin.
Autumn or Fall, whichever it's called is my favorite season.
And although it represents an ending of sorts,
it always makes me think of new neginnings with it's crisp, clear days
and riot of bold color.

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free
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