This video is from "Friends of the Isreal Defense Force. A beautiful STORY.
Wonderful tribute to our Military Chaplains
"The faces of prayer have changed. The need for prayer has not."

In the final choice,
a soldiers pack is not so heavy
as a prisoner's chains.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953


"How little do my countrymen know
what precious blessing they are in possession of,
and no other people on earth enjoy."
~ Thomas Jefferson



Socialism is a philosophy of failure,

the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..
-- Winston Churchill

 Check out  Together We Served United States Navy,
contributed by Fred Langston. Connect with others who have served
and search for fellow shipmates.

Michael W. Smith's music video:
is a wonderful tribute to our country and those who stand to preserve it.

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Military Pay And Benefits On the Cutting Table,
Injury Insurance Expanded and
other legislation in the current edition.
See the above link for more.

Fred Langston
Legislative Affairs Officer
Lt. John W. Finn Post 2080

Honorary Medals given to Veterans during Fourth of July Service. Shadow Mountain Community Church

Fred Langston
Legislative Affairs Officer
Lt. John W. Finn Post 2080
Formerly known as Campo VFW Post 2080

In the April edition of the Back Country Messenger, Veteran's News and Notes, Fred Langston writes on "Women in Military History" and the "Last Surviving WWI Vet." 

"The nation which forgets its defenders
 will be itself forgotten."
~ Calvin Coolidge

Here's a link to a wonderful story called "Who We Need To Thank"  The ending might surprise you. Thanks to my brother-in-law Ed Fordyce, for showing it to me! He served in Viet Nam as a member of the 35th Infantry (Cacti) Regiment and was reunited with a daughter, who searched for him years later. Ed and his wife Ruth are supporters of those who are still searching for individuals that served in Southeast Asia.

35th Infantry Regiment Association
Fisher House

Photo: Ruth & Ed Fordyce 35th Infantry "Cacti" Regiment Reunion ~ July 2009 


Fred Langston
Legislative Affairs Officer
Campo VFW Post 2080
October 2010

Final Regulation - Agent Orange

Veterans exposed to herbicides while serving in Vietnam and other areas will have an easier path to access quality health care and qualify for disability compensation under a final regulation that was published on August 31, 2010 in the Federal Register by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The new rule expands the list of health problems  Read More...  Courtesy: Backcountry Messenger


"The patriot's blood is the seed of freedoms tree." 
~ Thomas Cambell, Scottish Poet (1774-1844)

Listen to PFC Josh Revak Tribute To Troops


Home of Heroes is a great site for military families, or for parents who want to teach their kids more about American freedom. It has a printable e-book of U.S. Presidents and an online coloring book. The pages can be printed or accessed online via a built in web-paint program. 

Another really cool application is the My Hero Web Page Creator. It already has pages dedicated to Medal of Honor recipients. But you or your kids and grandchildren can create a page for their own military hero! I think this is something educational and fun that children would love to do.

Home of Heroes Kidz Page

 Check out Ripple Reader for a great way to read bedtime stories to your kids or grandkids when you're away from home. If you're deployed and have access to a computer, you can even listen to your kids read to you! Or you can record stories ahead of time, so your family can listen to them over and over again while you're gone.

          Another great tool that you might already be familiar with is  Skype  This is only available if you have a computer in the field and Skype is downloaded on both ends. Wouldn't our forefathers be amazed?

ThanksUSA  Thanking America's troops and their families with the gift of education

Fred Langston
Legislative Affairs Officer 
Campo VFW Post 2080
March 2010

Test Your Way to a Degree

 Although you have surely heard of CLEP tests, you may not know that these credit-by-exam tests are widely accepted by colleges and universities. In addition, by passing these examinations you can earn one-third or more of the credits you need for a college degree. If you haven't started taking your CLEP exams yet, contact your school or local VA office to find out how to get started...Read More...  Courtesy: Back Country Messenger

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free

Remembering That Freedom Isn't Free
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